Facial Treatments

Facial Procedures

Facial Procedures

Deep Cleansing with Phytomer Cosmetics France

€35 - 40

During the procedure, the process of health is underway - this procedure opens up the pores through which dirt, dead cells and excess fat are removed.

Ultrasound Cleansing of the Face

€30 - 35

The cleansing takes place without crushing the surface of the skin, but deep in the cellular level. Innovative ultrasonic procedure improves capillary micro-circulation, increases skin immunity, activates metabolism and oxidation-reduction processes.

Facial Cleansing with Acids


Acid face cleansing (natural acid scrub) has excellent cleansing, moisturising, lightening and antioxidant properties, the result is long lasting, and the resulting effect is immediately visible. This painless procedure promotes skin regeneration and corrects various skin problems: acne, scarlet, fine folds, pigmentation and skin bruising.

Non-True Face Cleaning with Holyland Cosmetics Israel


This gentle treatment, not only cleanses and improves the skin, but also smoothes the skin structure and color, reduces inflammation and redness and activates metabolism. By using balanced Phosphoric acid (equilibrium of the upper layer of the skin with acids and alkali's), the skin becomes smoother and softer, it balances the secretion of the sebaceous glands and stimulates regeneration.

Apparatus for facial treatments

Non-Invasive Mesotherapy

€30 - 40

This treatment is one of the most effective methods of modern cosmetology and dermatology, in which mixtures of active preparations are introduced into the cells. Concentrate enriches the skin with moisture, fills wrinkles, improves damaged skin cells and helps it rejuvenate quickly. This procedure provides excellent results - the skin becomes younger, firmer and more luminous.



This treatment is one of the most widely used electrotherapy methods in cosmetology. It is an impulse treatment, variable sinusoidal high frequency, high voltage, low power current. Darsonvalisation produces ozone that has bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects. The procedure improves skin turgor and elasticity of the skin, slows the formation of old fashioned wrinkles, normalises the function of sebaceous glands, this treatment is especially effective on acne.

Chemical scrubs with acid

Chemical Acid Scrub based on Skin Type and Indications

€35 - 45

Acne scrubbing removes the connections between the cells and removes the upper layer of the skin. After the procedure, the skin restores new, healthier and more beautiful looking tissues. The procedure stimulates the production of essential elements of the skin - elastin and collagen. This is suitable for any contra-indications such as: mild to moderate acne, wrinkles, skin aging, sparkled skin, lack of firmness, pigmentary stains. Recommended course of 4-10 procedures, but may be one-time as a beauty treatment.

Structural procedures

Age Control Superlift


Effective face upgrade program. The skin is saturated with phytoestrogens, amino acids, and deep-watered epidermis this reduces face wrinkles and adjusts facial oval.

Procedure Using Hyaluronic Acid


This procedure is suitable for all skin types, as well as for stronger facial skin treatments. The active ingredients provide longer optimal moisturizing of the skin, softens the skin and improves its protective function, protects against the loss of trans epidermal moisture, smoothes the wrinkles, improves elasticity of the skin, facilitates rehabilitation after skin treatment.

Promotionary Procedure for Fast Effects For Kuperosis Bodies


Gentle cleansing and massage stimulate microcirculation to promote better cell oxygen supply. The mask gives wonderful bliss senses, soothes, smoothes irritated and reddened skin, restores the balance of skin materials, improves its structure, improves and relaxes well.

"Protection of the Blood"

Deep and quick cleanses the skin. Instant and lasting masking effect. Removes facial imperfections and reduces inflammation. The skin becomes perfectly clean and smooth.

Classic Spa Facial Massage

€20 - 25

Facial massages have a positive effect on the four most important systems in the body: the nervous system, the circulatory and lymphatic system, the muscular system. Special techniques for the regular training of the facial muscles can achieve amazing results: reduce wrinkles, nourishes the skin and eliminate swelling of the face. Ozone-enriched oil is used for massage, which not only has antibacterial effect, but also enhances energy supply of the cell to give the skin elasticity and velvety softness.

Structural procedures

Facial Treatment

€40 - 50

This procedure meet all possible skin needs and solve many of its problems. Selected according to the condition and skin type. The procedure involves skin scrub, detoxification (cleansing of the pores and removal of toxins), mechanical facial cleansing, ultrasound cleaning, sonofores (introduction of active substances), toning manual massage and mask.

€4 - 6
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