Professional Makeup

I am a professional makeup artist who works in aesthetic beauty makeup

Visagist qualification acquired during studying:

* International Academy of Sanding and Visiting SLA (Serge Louis Alvarez);
* Various makeup seminars.

Taking into consideration the skin tone, facial features and personal preferences I can provide the following:

• Daily make-up;
• Business makeup;
• Evening / occasional makeup;
• Bridal makeup (young, groom, bridesmaid);
• Personal photo sessions makeup;
• Fashion makeup;
• Photo makeup;
• Tv-video makeup;
• Thematic makeup;

Makeup cost €30-40

I use professional tools and cosmetics (Make up forever, SLA, MAC).

I will always take into account the wishes of the client. The result is a beautiful result. I am happy to help make your vision a reality and make you unique.

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